Gene-Oriented Ortholog Database

Update status

update 200912 - GO terms of genes and their associated evidence are from NCBI Gene.

update 200912 - The GO annotation are from the Gene Ontology.

update 200905 - Genomes and analysed transcripts are from UCSC Genome Browser.

Statistics of GOOD version1.0

GOOD contains orthologs of reference genes among four vertebrate species, namely, human, chimpanzee, mouse, and cow. The original data sources are downloaded from UCSC Genome Browser. The GO annotation version "go_200912-termdb-tables.tar.gz" is download from the Gene Ontology.

Genomes and analysed transcripts

species version no. mRNA no. PTU
Human (Homo sapiens) Mar. 2006 (hg18) 25,623 18,373
Mouse (Mus musculus) Jul. 2007 (mm9) 21,404 18,858
Chimpanzee (Pan troglodytes) Mar. 2006 (panTro2) 25,554 17,681
Cow (Bos taurus) Oct. 2007 (bosTau4) 9,531 9,311


Homo sapiens
Pan troglodytes 17,588 P.tro
Mus musculus 16,545 15,078 M.mus
Bos taurus 9,314 9,144 8,937 B.tau